The changing face of Humanity

What is going on in the world? I am sure we are not even getting to know everything. The Syria destruction, Pakistan acting up, The Poland ban on abortion – what point do people want to make.

Have we reached the end of the dreadful word called Hope. I say so because hope is a drug which worsens the consequences waiting for hopeful things to happen.

By this age, it is 2016 today. I had thought that the world should progress and that there are countries where things will be much better than back in my country.

The Poland ban on abortion is a horror show. How can anyone ban abortion and for what? Will they take responsibility of every unwanted child and feed it? Most of the news seem like a tug of play done by people because it can be a source of entertainment rather than decisions really taken to better everyone’s living.

There are stories everyday that stray dogs are being killed mercilessly, puppies set on fire, some are crushed with a stone. It should have gotten better.

Women are in remarkable positions across the world. The very powerful and noteworthy Angela Merkel yet there is also gender discrimination and viral videos of women being brutally beaten for voicing out what they feel in a cosmopolitan city. It should have been better.

What the f is Anti Abortion? Is that a crime. Why is there all the focus on how people choose to live their life as if the ones in power are hungry to dictate their terms and want to have the same ghastly scenarios that prevailed before the dust of the World War 2 settled down.

Frankly. LGBT and single women and men, people living like hippies or choosing unconventional alternatives of having no children is a peaceful choice of their life. Its about letting it happen. But what seems to be fun is to not let it happen. SufferageI is that even a word. It seems tyrants are wanting to see someone suffer. Afterall not all content goes viral. Our hunger of 15 secs of fame has taken over our life. As if the game has become a tamasha that leaves an exclamation mark for maybe a few seconds before people move on to the next exciting piece of news.

The very candidates for the US Presidential elections reveal us what this world has come to. We enjoy Trump who can say anything and it makes news without logic, reasoning. Hillary comments. What has happened to Intellectuals and wise people.. have they gone in hiding from a world that rather wait & prepare for a Zombie apocalypse than solve the climate change issues that are affecting our lives as we breathe.

All channels across my paid HDTV connection show me a larger than life hero in the form of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh as MSG – Messenger of God against whom you cannot say anything because he has made the transition to the big screen from the ever sensitive industry of Religion.

Not even getting started on the non reported violence of bomb explosions that go off everyday mostly in hospitals and schools now than ever. Of a part of India, beautiful but totally cut off from news – North East and their issues.

There was a time I thought when this happens, there shall be a better place in this world that I will escape to. I have to admit there is no ‘Hope’ anymore.

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