What is even

via Daily Prompt: Uneven

A prompt is a one letter word for today called uneven. I am still trying to access my mental areas for coming up with something that can be an abstract or philosophical reference to uneven that I can elaborate on. Its not easy. Not for now. So I start with the antonym for uneven which is even. And I am faced with the question what is even? Even numbers. Even this is not easy. 🙂

Even refers to the Panchgani flatlands in Maharashtra.


Famous for horse rides atop a flatland of a mountain. So basically I derive my answer here.

If the flatlands are worth mentioning then that leaves most areas on earth as ‘uneven’. So uneven is the nature of nature. Uneven is also a bilateral symmetry. This I believe personally. That every beautiful symmetry I have witnessed was so, because something was being uneven in it. Uneven is also my breath. Our lives, our beds, our feelings.

The heart beat monitor is an example of uneven breaths and the line with its ups and downs that signifies life.

I like things uneven. I have no desire to even anything. My smile is uneven; just as the most beautiful smiles in the world.

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