Indian Advertising

I was born with this spoon. I watched ads ever since the tv came to life. My childhood was watching Mowgli, Bhalu and Bageera running around while I chomped on Maggi noodles with chopped onions and tomato garnish. I was born in the Golden age of advertising, the mid 80s. I still remember the ads that played in between. My dear dad, who would guide me with the conventional ways of living was always surprised and mentioned ‘When the show is on, you move about and you are glued when the ads are playing.’

I mean do you remember those ads. Let me give you a peek.

Look at this one, this is the reason I know Ogilvy & Mather and Piyush Pandey. I would be so happy to watch it again and again. This ad is also responsible for the way I dance by the way.

Look at this one. For the last 30 years, my valid reason to have a bath time of an hour validated. Dear Dad, now you know. I was busy creating the freshness this soap promised.

This ad was pure gold for its tagline – neighbours envy, owners pride. It perfectly caught the sentiment responsible for buying of any appliances in households at that time.

This brand ‘Maggi’ is not just a brand name. It means instant noodles, it means lunch, dinner, ketchup. Ketchup ad that rocked that time.

And I would have never known beverages without the constant bombarding of the cola ads.

There are some advertisements which made me learn singing like this one here –

I do not remember old movies, or even plotlines as much as I remember my favorite ads. Haan, songs are a different thing altogether. I do not forget them.

Today when I switch on my tv and I check the advertisements, it irritates me no doubt but I am saddened too with the way these absolutely bizarre and shocking ads keep playing back to back and numb my nerves. The entire Venture Capital funding given to E-commerce giants was poured in senseless, noisy ads and a heavy duty media plan which didn’t take any sensitivity of their consumers in consideration. More the ads and the pathetic copy of the ad going on and on in your ears meant clearly, that the e commerce business was not really making money.

This guy is the epitome of disaster post a disaster. Every time I see him give instructions in this long running ad, it feels like I am sitting in a hospital lobby that wants to make sure I fall sick and never ever visit this ‘Trivago’. Even this brand name makes me wonder what really went wrong went when they they were selecting the name. “Hey, looks like nothing close available in .com domains. Try the suggestions, okay put random words, Tri Va go, combine them. finish it off. Buy all the media there is. But no spending money on studio, and model okay? No budget for that. Make a ppt and squeeze the model in there. Bribe the production to get the video format anyhow.”

Here is another masterpiece:

This ad is a maa behen of aircraft safety regulations, Bollywood fantasy and child abuse. I mean don’t even get me started on the kind of characters that are seen here and that they dance to a phone blaring a song about a song from a song singing app. That’s what it says. And whatever happened to cute babies in ads. Production budget put elsewhere, is it? An aircraft scene – again production budget given to the media agencies.

I yearn for the advertising genius and the creativity that has stirred my soul. I am playing my role around this industry and I hope I am instrumental in changing this to a connect that will last.

Lastly, I apologise for not giving footage to Unilever product ads and Fair n Lovely ads. Its valid to say the only ads on point today on the Indian television are the condom ads.

The end.


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