A weird little place called Pune – 1

I know you are thinking about the title. Its literally right for both Pune the city and Poon a.k.a Spanish. Pune is a weird little place for me. Don’t get me wrong. I love that I am currently living here. I love that it has a dry weather, is cool at nights with great food and nightlife. Its still weird though for the human interactions that Pune is popular for. It seems like Maharashtrians from Pune were the pioneers of straight forward, downright and unapologetically rude sarcasm contributed to the world. This place is a treat for me. I get to be myself here. Totally.

The best part is that you can accept the sarcasm thrown at you and you can easily give it back. It is appreciated. Till a point where you hurt the ego of the opposite person and he dials a number and says ‘Hey someone messing with me. Send 20 boys with rods & sticks.’

Pune is the Delhi of Maharashtra. The locals here are loud and proud. There is a naughty yet witty joke in Pune connected to the Peshwai legacy from here. ‘That the Peshwai legacy drowned in 2.5 inches’ Do you know whats that deep and probably more. Poon tang baby!

Its famous for its sarcastic and nasty notice boards that are put outside of residences in the old part of the city.


This information states that at the toll plaza please wait as the pole automatically falls down. Daayyummm!


The one on the left directly says ‘You dog, don’t spit here.’ The one next to it says, ‘the one who spits here is a donkey.’


Free tip no matter where you live. It states ‘Learn to have patience when you ring the door bell. Humans live here. Not Spiderman.’

If this is how proud and sure Punekars are, imagine the impact of this attitude on the traffic. Everyone follows their own rule here. Pune is filled with bikes and scooters more than any other place I have seen.

1. They are light years away from knowing lane traffic.

2. There is no diiference between amateur drivers and experienced ones.

3. Parking is done based on the driving mood of the day. People don’t even hesitate to double park in front of your car and walk away.

4. Every car has scrathes on the front and back bumpers and the sides and the top as well.

5. People riding scooters and bikes prefer to remove their rear view mirrors due to fear of being stolen.

6. The concept of giving the Left indicator for going left and the Right one for going right is something like alien language.

7. Angry bikers overtaken by cars are chased. This biker then teases a car with a slow and fast speed dance to show superiority on road.

8. They are all still confused about the colours of the signal. Red means go, green means definitely go and yellow means the hell I can go.

9. Rickshaws are taken out from underground museums and made to run in the middle of fast moving traffic by spying traffic agencies.

10. Any amount of space is okay for a bike to pass by between two cars.

11. Footpaths are for luxury bike parking areas and for wholesale shopping outets of fast moving goods.

12. Speed breakers are testing devices from spy agencies to check the life of cars and how soon they can break down.

13. The island space around the intersection of two roads is valid to sell kites at festival time.

14. Around the time of elections, every public space including the middle of a footpath, in front of traffic signal, corner of main roads are valid for hoardings the size of a tennis court. Spy traffic agencies do their test of great driving skills and effect of shock reactions on the driving stability with these.

14.  You cannot estimate the class of people here from the car they drive but by how they park it.

Jaguar on a gate
There is no doubt I love this place. I don’t think I would have gotten great at my communication and dodging of taunts skills at the rate at which I learnt it here. Living in Pune is an ongoing training and development course to erode self douts and be proud of who you are.

Thank You Pune. I love living here.

P.S: If you feel you have experienced any of these, have something hilarious to add,do leave comments, I really want to make that list longer.
Do share with love.







  1. Vivek

    Haha… Can absolutely relate it to. Especially driving in Pune when we came across that underage girl driving a car who stopped so close next to our car so that we couldn’t move. And another one stopping in the middle of the crossing at a red aignal. Countless experiences…


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