Good bye 2017

How are you? How is your life? How much has it changed since the last time I wrote? 😛

Hiya, its been an awesome year with 2017 2016 was like a kick in the gut and 2017 continued but I somehow learnt to deal with that kick.

I want to thank 2017 for everything. I can literally see the whole year in my imaginations. I have thrown more than a dozen people out of my life. Proud to say, I have zero tolerance for negativity and mediocrity. There are some who just do not deserve a seat at your table.Here is something I am vouching for, getting rid of the people who are not meant for you is the single most important aspect of your success in life to begin. Yes, I experienced it first hand.

I have realized the importance of keeping the energy clean in office, at home and within. Everything revolves around our energy and it is our duty to keep it positive and active.

I have learnt to be happy and calm when broke. Basically I have learnt to live life as a broke person. My earnings are no longer monthlly. They are anytime and most of the time they are not there and it is FINE. I spent 2016 dying of guilt that I had less money than what I assumed was a limit to live with. Now I have none and yet my work continues.

Most importantly I have learnt to be happy with what I have. Sounds cliched. It is not. We all dream of more, want more and have a standard we want to reach and that drives ambition.  To keep my sanity and bring in more peace I drove away ambition. Ambition gives you and your near ones a lot of pain because you are always chasing an image, blindly ever so. Its not healthy and definitely not positive.
I am not ambitious anymore. I enjoy the process of doing something. AND THAT HAS given me happiness.

Another gift of killing ambition is I learnt to delay gratification and in some cases I achieved cancelling it out altogether. Ambition subconsciously makes you want and get things you don’t need but only because you  aspire to look something and be something you are not. It becomes difficult to resist the temptation to not follow that ambition. But when you deny ambition, you get real and understand from a soul perspective, if you really NEED something. The answer is always a NO.

I learnt that anger, greed and trying to prove my point is a waste of my energy and gives me no benefit. So I am leaving that behind. But I give myself full permit to give bad words at the right time so that I remain free from any baggage.

I have found Joy in giving. Doing something nobody would expect me to do. I bake cakes for no reason or occasion. I take a drive with my dogs with no purpose. I invite random people for tea and see them happy. It doesn’t take a lot.

MOST IMP – I learnt how to take care of my skin and do make up. Yes. As shocking as the words me and makeup in same line is, this art of creating a face with features and colors got me hooked. It gave me a break and took me away in imaginations. I started playing with different elements in color cosmetics and there is so much to learn. Its fabulous. And I love to do it to friends and family getting ready to go to a wedding. The basics of mascara and a lipgloss I reserve it for me.

Lots of good lessons haan. They don’t come easy honey and for that I am thankful.

So 2018, as you would have derived is going to be a GREAT YEAR. It is going to ROCK.

Its all inside of us.

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