Thank you Bieber.


Very popular Justin number ‘what do you mean?’ Its got this amazing beats as per the tick tocking of a clock. Loved it

Thank you for making me understand my mom partly. Most of my life has been saying one or many things mentioned in the lyrics of this song trying to get near to what she really means, wants and what  I should do for her.The line ‘argue all day, make love all night’ does not apply.. but ‘make tea and snacks when I don’t want’ does apply after all the arguing.

Mothers everywhere are really special creatures. Very unique, intense. Mostly annoying. She is the only mystery I let be intact. And hence, this song works best to describe her. Every Sunday she portrays my entire life in a single breath for 15 min and asks me questions even GODS were not asked when they created this world.

Now that I think, I feel most of Justin Bieber’s songs are about talking to my mother. Its almost always late to say sorry.




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