The dates you know you will never keep

Every day a weird ass subject with compelling curiosity fills my brain and I think to myself. ‘i am going to write this today’. That day I realized is not coming as I postpone the writing to a time when it is REALLY a strong feeling. Today I am shoving aside all these excuses and writing something. Whatever it is, so be it.

No matter how truthful we are as a person, there are some obvious lies we all use from time to time. Some are mutual lies as in both the parties involved know that it is a blatant lie and yet accept it and move on without damage. I am going to list down a few.

  1. ‘I am going to do something’ – Guilty as charged. This statement is purely a feeling expressed with words and in a statement that denotes an action will be immediately taken. Except that it isn’t. All your fire to do that thing was spent away in saying that you will.
  2. Meeting with an ‘Ex’ – This is a gray area. I have had a few people willing to come and focus on the food we were having rather than compare our lives with who got better. But pretty much if I run by chance into someone I had gotten rid off for good, there could be a fake smile and fake wonder how you are doing, but I am never following this one up.
  3. Party friends – These are the hyper active, extremely social animals hopping from bar to bar and always having the wide, infectious smile. They are the ones who promise a lot. You almost believe you made a best friend in two drinks. Till you wake up next day and realize you have nothing in common. You still keep the promises and meet each other the way Chandler Bing greets his boss but you are never doing this.
  4. The Competitive colleague – He may have turned around and come into your good books but he will never be your priority. You will keep him where he deserves it – in the boxing ring.
  5. Fake Friends – This deserves an entire book. It is still the best learning you will get while growing up. Identify the fake friends and cancel them out. If you are on your path to true success in life – eliminating the people not good for you features high on the list. Once you get a grip on whats important to you, you will avoid these jokers who waste your time with false promises, non needed gossip and discussion about your life decisions.        673e438fe1e2f9c3bb3dd0fe8c5ffb3f
  6. Family friends – Genuine relationships will never be fake and that,my friends is a relief in this entire list. There are a few family and family friends whom I connect with as a person and hence they are never fake. They might get rude and blunt but not fake. Yet there will be many you will politely promise to see again knowing very well that you won’t.
  7. Social media friends – These are the best. They boost you up always in the form of likes and support with the messages and comments yet given a chance you both are not going to take the effort to really meet in person. Its the fallacy of our times.
  8. Society aunties  & uncles – I have come to believe in the last 5 years that this category really hates me and I hate them too. They can’t digest me and I hate their existence. Given a chance, I might say Hello without any pre conceived notion, but we will always keep a distance.
  9. The Blinkers – These people are very special. They go through life putting blinkers on. They think the world they see through blinkers is the ONLY world that exists. And yes, never fight with them about this. They are very possessive about their ideas. Naturally just hear them out. Because they will be the only ones talking.

I think by now I have lost traction of the title of this blog, to the list of people and what I really wanted to say. But I am still going ahead and putting this out. Firing my ambitions away.

Keep moving.

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