Writers block

After contemplating just what sensible topic I should write about, I am finally writing a blog post. It may be just okay and about the block that I am feeling but that is much better than not writing at all.

Afterall, I get a few views every 3 days from around the world, maybe what I write does make sense. LOL.

I took a long break from being glued to my computer and phone mostly because I could admit that I was addicted. Spending screen time simply because of habit or to punish those around me glued to their device I got hooked on. It is tough to admit but yes this obsession is driving us up the wall and way far from our self.

I used to be quite frazzled with my questions and doubts and found this writing to give me a solace and an outlet to cleanse and calm my mind. Now I have real time issues – recovering payments from clients over months, maintaining account balances, trying to secure new business and wondering what the hell is happening in between. I have no space to think about personal and deeply curious questions of my human existence.

Hence I found there was no need to write till I felt something so strongly about that I could give it a voice, a beginning and a conclusion because that is how my writing is.

I could not find it. It feels like losing my innocence. I love to write. I may not be a great writer but expressing myself has been a life saver. It also takes away a vague, heavy feeling at the base of my neck. After every writing attempt, I feel like a fresh, new person ready to take on more learning, information and hence getting better at what I have to offer the world.

In a humbling manner, I just realized that every attempt that I make, or anyone makes everyday to try something new regardless of how good, bad or ridiculous it is should be appreciated. We have no idea of people’s stories – how are they living their days, what are they battling inside and how are they still choosing to show up. A random act of kindness may be all the need a person has to move from one day to next. Today before writing this, I came across a small blog post written by a young girl with no followers. She had written about William Shakespeare “To be or not to be’ And she puts across her opinion and stands by it firmly. It is such an act of courage. I left a comment on this old post of 2015. And it stirs me up to keep putting out what I feel despite of whether it will perfect. I am so grateful to her courage and that it passed onto me.

Here is her link – If you can spare a few minutes and see her point. Leave her a comment. Lets bring compassion to our selves and then lets spread it around.



  1. Anitha Mukesh

    Reminding everyone about kindness is the most important task we all have in our hands because with social media, everyone has a voice today. Everyone has the power (though not the right) to appreciate or disgrace with background of who they are writing to or knowing what their story is. Before judging, think about being kind. 🙂 Thanks for the post and the reminder.


    1. unlabelit

      Yes. I believe if I have this stage. I would like to send out the good vibes. 😊 There are few things which makes us feel hopeful today. So in the words of Bruce Almighty.. lets ‘Be The Miracle’


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