Making a film

Hello everyone, I do not know how or from where but my blog site views are consistent every single day. Thank you all who visit here and stay for a read or two. Its a great moment of encouragement for me who can plan & strategize this professionally but do not even consider the social media dynamics in my personal space.

I think about writing everyday. Scores of ideas keep floating through my head. I am an ardent day dreamer. I sometimes day dream while talking to someone. I love being in a car and watching the landscape change. On many such drives I have thought of numerous concepts for music video story lines and short movies to full blown movies.

I love them. And yet I do not embrace the full spectrum of it. I also want to write everyday and empty the sphere of thinking inside as it makes me light and ready for more but I don’t. Its my everyday. Nothing unusual. I was never a routine person and I can atleast boast that I do have a consistent routine more or less from my vagabond days.

In the longing, dreaming and wanting to express the awesome world that revolves inside my head I landed an opportunity to use all of skills that I wanted to. Right from, checking and correcting a film script, improvising nuances of directing and shooting, logical contribution of scenes, keeping count of everything including continuity, light, shooting the making of the film and keeping everyone connected through food and tea.

I loved it. I discovered new skills of mine that were appreciated on set/off set. And I can’t believe that the images and videos that I kept clicking is making way into a full blown video of the making of the film. Till the last day, no one knew what I was shooting while the shot was on. They loved the surprise and so did I. So many avenues opened up, so many conversations and dreams were exchanged as we were all a bunch of talented people from different areas and all had a wonderful story to share.

Everyday morning our car would pass through lush green rice paddy fields and glorious dog breeds guarding homes and properties. The tall trees that look like pine trees that line up from here till Shimla and ahead. The air was crisp and fresh, food was wholesome and yummy. I met Punjabi families and By god they were the sweetest, beautiful people with such big hearts. I am going to make a trip again to the North and visit them.

As for what I am downloading today from my head is this rich experience of travel coupled with a purpose and creativity on this post. By the way, a cameo in the film also helped me connect to my love for acting in school years and just after. Who knows where life takes you? Sometimes you land right in your last year of school looking at a script you wrote, directed, acted in and won the second prize for. And a thought crosses my mind. What the hell am I doing? What all have I done. No count. Just contentment.



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