Whole 30

So post indulging in a range of desserts at my favorite bakery in Pune and also staying in Punjab and gorging sumptuous yummy food 3 times a day, the gloat and bloat is having me down.

Whenever I move cities, and I do that pretty often. I experience a fatigue of sorts for a day before I get used to the new city. Right now its been a long time I walked post meal or did my stretches and basic floor exercises I have a heavy feeling inside and my muscles are not fluid in movement. Since two weeks I was thinking of planning a serious whole30 after I did my first one in May. The feeling was amazing then. It positively affected my digestion, my skin, hair, sleep, the kind of thoughts I had all day and my productivity. The Tiger Blood phenomenon is amazing and you will feel like that is how life should be.

I am not at all an advocate of any diets or lifestyle. I did whole30 because it is a recommended clean up of diet to find out whether your system is sensitive to certain foods that cause inflammation, indigestion, bloating, gluten allergy and many more symptoms. I wanted to understand it myself so I decided to give it a try.

The foods included in this diet are all my favorite. Protein is a necessity for me and I love my veggies with it. Considering I come from India, a place known for carb rich food with an extensive variety and dairy based diet it is tough to find options that work with whole30 outside of home. Super markets are also tough to screen as most products have hidden sugar and preservatives. I had a tough time towards the end when my gap between meals extended to 6 hours and I knew that it was a sure shot failure to cope.

I have posted about my whole30 experience and my everday food choices and grocery shopping in India on my Instagram account @sne631

All I need to do is take a reference and also add some more recipes to the menu. As I followed the dictum with some relaxation and enjoyed my lifestyle habits that I took from whole30.

So let me do it a little better this time and I shall report the journey.


Credits: whole30.com

Refer and research well before you try to do any thing that inspires you. Believe in what you want to do.


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