18 drafts

I have 18 unfinished posts lying in my Drafts folders. I tried to write and finish most of these topics before I abandon them as they just did not appeal to my values of good content and positivity. When did I take this oath?

It was a conscious choice to write positive and uplifting content and I reached a point of an understanding – an understanding most poets, creative thinkers and scientists have stumbled upon. That without the black the gold would never show so pretty. Without darkness, light would not be important.

Every writer faces a writers block not just when he has depleted his faculties of words and narratives but also when he does not experience challenges problems, negativity, low feelings, jealousy and questions about the world and human nature for which we have no answer.

Questions like Why are we cruel to animals? Why are we so obtrusively violent? Why do we like to see a species writhing in pain and dying? You know what I am saying. These questions have no self pacifying answers. And yet they continue to linger in the mind because the mind just does not want to let go.

My 18 drafts include a few topics that are deep, a few that are straight up about business but I thought that was just too different.

The question is not about whether darkness as my motivation.Well its absence indeed takes away a certain juice from the narrative and this is visible in movies and serials that drain us and yet somehow fill our voids.

The question is also, why did I not post my work? It was because I thought about it, pushed in a little perspective about how my writing is and where can I take it.

The biggest lesson I can attach to a year passing by a few days ago and this phenomenon of procrastinating the post is that we wait too long and think hard about how and why instead of doing our bit and letting it out. Gary Vaynerchuk would jump at this and wave his hands to say that this right here separates the doers and the only dreamers.

I shall post these slowly as I need to finish these unfinished ones, ones I did not even start and the others which only registered a great headline.

lets keep the judgment out and start walking our path. what say 2019?

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