Solemnity in calamity

The interpretations of those moments when one’s demeanor changes on the inside.

She took a warm shower. She could feel her body become light. The shoulder muscles relaxed. Her tummy feeling heavy was gone. 

She was gentle in her movements. The kind of surety one gets when one is no longer afraid of what will happen: she switched off the bathroom light and swiftly made way to the sink. And brushed her teeth in rhythm. Not in hurry: not laden with thoughts that controlled how intensely she brushed. She breathed deep and lay on her bed: 

The way one lays down when one is sure of the night and what the day is going to bring: 

She knew well what to do the next day: 

It needed courage and strength to stand against a tide: and yet her insides were calm tonight coz that was the right choice: 

Truth is a surreal way to be powerful: and only a few great men are able to embrace its simplicity: 

Maybe that’s why those few awakened souls get the attention of the universe to create the maximum impact on the fragile existence of mankind. 

She looks at the ceiling. And wonders. How thoughtless her mind is… and why was it such an effort to ease it all through these last few weeks: 

The solemnity of meditation is not to be acquired: it is to be arrived at after you drop off all your facades and baggages and face it as is. 

Because the naked truth is not light. It has a density one cannot fathom. 

Often in life these moments of brilliance come through the most ridiculous challenges life throws us at, that linger and irritate us to the point that they take our attention to our own power and make us come face to face to use it. That’s what the universe wants. Coz that is what You want. 

It’s no wonder that no matter where you go or run, life has a way to bring you to the same questions again and again and no running eventually helps. 

It was that vortex which had lifted itself from her. And she lay wondering if this is what they call nirvana.

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