A day comes when you achieve what you wanted and a lull takes over.

I have always wondered what that lull is. It does not have adjectives to define it. Whether it’s positive, negative, depressive, freeing. It just is.

As I grappled with me being irritated at the end of a long day.. I wondered how far the feeling would go.

That feeling is more stagnation. Where life seems to slide by but one is no longer participating.

It’s a state where everything feels meaningless without any feeling attached to it.

How often does this come? It happened today after long. It seemed like nothing has any meaning at all and that life may probably not be much worth fighting for.

It seems a state where all desires take a break and leave the mind of all yearning. Like a fall season for the soul, where all your aliveness goes in hibernation.

What’s that state? Is there a word? I am sure Shashi Tharoor May know.

In a time where acquiring and attaining and thriving on attention and instant gratification rules our everyday, this void has caught me completely.

I am playing with it and questioning yet I stop and I am thoughtless. I question for sure but there is no expectation of the answer to come..

Then I wonder…

How many let go of their life when this phase came over? How many gave up? How many overdosed.

How many try to escape this void and are in a hurry to bring back the aliveness? How far do we go?

Did Hitler face this void and decided to give his own meaning to feel validated.

Do humans become violent or love watching someone in distress because it kills their moments of void. I wonder. I wonder.

In a quest for meaning, how far are we ready to go or let go? I wonder.

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