Cup with a crack

They say you should not keep cups around once there is a crack on it. I always hold onto mine.

My tea or coffee cups are chosen specially for a task. To hold the tea or coffee for long till I process everything in my head while I stare out the window. Its a way to hold the moment, like I hold the cup. The silence, the sounds of the morning or end of evening. I am fascinated by things broken clearly.

Broken is not broken like the tense of the word. Broken is beautiful. It makes way for something so unique it cannot be redone from it.

There is a finality in the faults. They are not negative but they are there. They stay.

One such evening while I was drinking my tea with a multitude of thoughts running through my head when a crack on the cup that caught my attention.

I wondered why I was drinking from a cracked cup and how long had the crack been on the cup. As subtly does a crack took my attention to the cup, I wondered if it takes your flaws to make you who you are.

Is it not a thing of beauty to have a mark, mistake, break that changes the course of your life to something much better.

Change is constant they say. I think change is beautiful.

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