30 things I learnt in the last decade

Its a perfect time to sum it up. What I learnt in the last decade has to be the most introspective and interesting thing to think about right now. Incase you have quite a few settled things like a happy family and workable challenges in life, then you would sit down to do a gratitude list like the one I am making now.

  1. It always starts with you.
  2. You can do anything you want.
  3. Career, relationships need not have any graph to follow.
  4. Always hear out others advises and grievances but never take them inside as is.
  5. Stand up for what you believe in. Its not that tough.
  6. Marriage is a big bullshit.
  7. Failure is always okay. Do not attach your well being to it.
  8. Adulting is tough. But going through it makes you tougher.
  9. People will judge you no matter what.
  10. Trust no one but be nice.
  11. Living alone will be the best thing that happened to you.
  12. Having no label relationships will be the best version of human beings you will discover.
  13. You will overlook drama and the people who create it.
  14. Parents will always matter the most to you.
  15. People who stay by your side will occasionally look like villains.
  16. Having a dog will make your life worth living. Having two dogs, congratulate yourself.
  17. Be kind.
  18. Use your tongue carefully.
  19. Every situation and challenge in life has a solution.
  20. Have a calm mind.
  21. Somebody will betray you and it will be a gift.
  22. Take time to understand people. Do not judge them.
  23. People change from time to time.
  24. Take appreciation & criticism with a pinch of salt. Both are somebody else’s perception so do not get attached to it.
  25. Starting your own company and trying to run it will be very difficult and draining in the first attempt but much better in your second attempt.
  26. Most things you imagine to be tough won’t be.
  27. Try and apologise sooner.
  28. You don’t need a relationship as much as you need friendships.
  29. Never forget who was there in your hardest times.
  30. Its okay to fuck up.

…and 10 more…

Some more,

  1. You will still struggle with finances.
  2. Some days you will feel like you are back at square one again.
  3. Fuck what they think. That’s the only recipe of success.
  4. Cooking is a soul stirring meditation.
  5. Breathe deep.
  6. Your vocational interests will be more valuable.
  7. Death is the inevitable truth of life.
  8. Health is very important.
  9. Exercise will set you free.
  10. Read.

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