We are in an experience that is happening across the globe at the same time. A phenomenon no one in their wildest dreams would have thought to bring all of humanity together with the same fears, worries and appreciation for the finer elements of life. There is already so much that is around. Corona trended like no other, Covid-19, Sars NCov, novel corona virus. You have heard it enough.

The virus is one thing. The impact is another. The best laid plans of the world regardless of any distinctions that the human race uses to describe, label and judge have been thrown off guard in such a manner that the fear of the unknown is affecting more than the virus may affect.

So let us keep the statistics, numbers, the heart breaking stories and some really idiotic human errors completely on the side.

Let us look at it as a humbling way nature has superseded the so called human intelligence which in this day and age should have atleast been smart enough to save it’s self. Our egos, our problems, our worries and our selfish desires have become selfishly self gratifying in the past decade. The speed of things, instant gratification and an increasing whiner-y around could be sensed.

Take any Indian household for example. Lets take mine. Despite the education and class and whatever you may use for label purpose; still thinks in the following way –

“What about your future? Do you want to die alone? What about children?”

“If only I had one more property in Mumbai we would have been so settled”

“Do you know my office colleague has a daughter your age and she is doing so well I wonder where you got left behind.”

All in all, the prevailing human sense was only hovering over the first person singular, how I am perceived and why it is important to please some random people. It was tough to get my parents to even understand why waste segregation is our duty and should be duly done.

This planet was sensing the pain of the millions of species we have affected, killed, used, abused. The so called power dynamics. The inherently deep and disturbing nature of a human to dominate another while never wanting to be dominated and the war of the superiority. I think a certain president of a nation must have really pusher her over the edge. It was enough!

The aftermath that we are going through is an alien concept to almost all of us who were busy chasing, hustling and making it happen. We were so consumed by the achieving and proving that we also left behind being kind, spending time with loves ones or taking a moment to be with ourselves.

I have already written 2 blogs about Vipassana. This lockdown is essentially a long 21 day vipasanna course. A time to slow down,pause and reflect on your self and everything around you. The exception to a real vipassana course is that we still have our phones with us, tv is continuously on, and people are busy chatting ,talking and still being in the humdrum of what they think they need for surviving this.

Silence. And the ultimate – can you live with your self is a scary notion for us Indians. Number 1 we have never been given the freedom to really think with our own heads. And number 2 why would I be alone and sad? And our cities don’t give us any space to live that way either.

Survival, money, get married, get the kids married and have a house and that’s it. We all are busy making sure these things happen. Nothing else matters.

We have no idea how to live when none of this gyaan works. Lets say your marriage fails, your husband passes away, you cannot have children or your business suffers losses again- there is no reference to survive this. As my mother would say, Get married and all your problems will be over. The day I complain about me being under the weather she still thinks this is the answer. (eyes rolling)

These 21 days are yours. Rightfully completely and absolutely. This is a time to look within and build a relationship with that lost soul of yours. And trust me when the madness begins again, it is going to carry you with it. This. Is peace. This is tough. This is like looking in a mirror.

Lets come to flow now shall we?

In positive psychology, a flow state, also known colloquially as being in the zone, is the mental state in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.

This is the time to find your flow. All the things you must have, wanted to do and were keeping for a later time. Find your flow.

I found mine when I danced. Least expected. Or right now as I am writing about this. Time shall pass. The sun will rise. No matter how dark it gets. Do remember as well -only when its dark enough, you see the stars.

Starry night

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