ADD conversations

Manav – Alesia where are you?

Alesia – Scouting books at the bookstore. 

Manav – How have you been? Haven’t heard for ages.

Alesia – You met me online on FB just last night. 

Manav – You were busy liking fashion mags posts.

Alesia – Sweety, we chatted for 5 full min. N why were you up so late?

Manav – I was hoping to see some post from you which I could find a connect to. Thought you are into something in your head. 

Alesia – Ohh no. I am cool. I am just browsing the net a lot. There is a lot of info out there you know. I haven’t even turned on the tv as yet or had a conversation with anyone. 

Manav – Did it help?

Alesia – Well, there are too many people, too many perspectives and somehow looking at Twitter handles we have more celebrities than common men commenting on stuff. 

Manav – So?

Alesia – I haven’t a clue. I am exhausted reading back to back. I don’t even remember what all I read. I think I need 2 more days to sleep and recover from the damage. I won’t be logging in for sometime.

Manav – Wanna have a coffee?

Alesia – I am here at the store few blocks from my house in my pyjamas. Not yet. 

Manav – We need to talk. 

Alesia – We are!

Manav – What about food?

Alesia – I tried the online service. The burger was not bad. 

Manav – Tell me you have everything you need sorted out by your online world. 

Alesia – You can say almost.

Manav – Why need me then?

Alesia – I can’t fight fast enough on chat. I need someone real. Well wait, dad is gifting me a PS3 this birthday. Please hang on till then. 

Manav – Hear Yourself woman.. you needed love and the real stuff?? 

Alesia – Yes I do. But isn’t it right here.

Manav – I can’t get through to you darling. I fear we are cutting away. 

Alesia – Call me na then idiot. Though I don’t think the network’s bad here. Maybe I need a new phone with 4G soon.

Manav – (Logged OFF) 

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