The gates are locked

Someone will deliver essentials to us.

Like a judgment we are all scarred

No place to be

Home,the four walls seem like

a horizon infinite of security

Another human being near

and it will increase my anxiety

The walls are closing in

As we all share the heightered scare

Are we next?

Will we ever leave

That gate has sealed our fate

It will now be a long wait

to tread the outside

with flimsy worries of a future uncertain

The breeze flows, the sunset glows

I wither more

into the bedsheet of mine

Is it survival or punishment

No way to know

One longs for a hug,

But the idea haunts of another touch

What is love I seem to ask

The clear sky so wide

Was this all?

Will they ever be a way to throw away the caution

and fly free

The glistening water from a far

bright colors off the mountain

and chirping birds do not share my sinking hopes

They are too hopeful

Hold on! The world will move again

This time, do not hold back

Nor the love for your self

which you will earn now in solitude

nor the one that will flow out to others

when this is all over

A flock flies into the setting sun

a smile curves in the distance

Another day passes by

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