Desert Storm

As the darkness settled over the silver of sand

I waited with bated breath for the familiar smell

The desert costume was silk against my skin

The kohl in my eyes heightened the sensuality of the wait

There I Could see in the distance as he rode

The horse, The turban flying

As he came closer, the scent engulfed me like the desert wind

I could see his chest raw through the black overall

He unmounted the horse

I longed for him to mount again

But not the horse

I recoiled myself inside the tent from his piercing gaze

He made swift moments, his overall ensemble

Flowing away from his racy determination

He found me against the window in my niqab

Our eyes met. My hand was swiftly moved away

To my back arching it

As he demanded I submit to him.

He bared my niqab and my soul

It was a synchronicity that we were both

In jet black attires against honey colored skins

The cold steel of his dagger held against my chest

And his warm deep breath on my neck

melted me onto him, The rapture intense

His hand search my body for something

And he wish he never finds it

Keep searching lover..!

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