Where is the love?

We are being punished for abandoning love. Love that holds the universe together, is it really there in the world today? We fell in love with materials and things and disposed of our own emotions and those of others. The universe is angry. Wasn’t love the motivation of it all? Maybe the universe too came from love. Maybe earth happened because of love, so did life and humans and all creatures. Then.  Man started to feel more important himself and he used love to get greedy and selfish for his own sake. He stopped respecting life and others, their lives and their feelings.

Love. How could we? We still don’t respect it. We all need it and yet we do everything in our power to pretend we don’t. How appalling.

We don’t hold hands or dream of future. We already want to be there and we hold hands long enough to leave them as per convenience. It seems easy to live alone and not deal with others or listen to them when they scream for our attention. We rather enjoy the screams from a horror series and wonder at the awe of virtual creation.

Our mystery about us has gone deeper and deeper and yet we keep pushing ourselves farther and farther away. We do not connect with our own self. How can we connect with others? We don’t even want to. Our only connection is the internet connection. That is our ventilator. We prefer to die but we are so afraid of living. We are so afraid of feeling. We do not want to surrender to our senses and their wisdom but we rather keep pleasing them with the inventions of man.

Not so far long ago man was waging wars and fighting battles for food and survival. And today our minds are fighting battles through the keyboard and it provides the validation to our fragile and fake existence.

We have so much today and yet the mind is lost. We are lost. We have begun to take our own lives because we don’t know how to live with ourselves anymore. Failure is fatal and stands as a declaration on our social existence. We fail to embrace it and move forward. We do not want to move forward. We choose the same things and feel like we are doing something different. Better job, better house, better spouse but the emptiness inside only becomes more hollow. We wonder “Why me?” and ask everyone and Google but our own wisdom deep inside. We would give anything to live in the noise. We may pop pills to silence the questions. We are afraid of silence yet a rumbling continues to haunt and grow deep inside.

What are we running from? Ourselves? And where will we go?

Is it not an endless loop of desire and chase for something that was within us all along? Isn’t it madness to search in the first place. Who is asking the right questions? Who can accept what is and be detached from it?

Love. Do we even know it anymore? We saw lifelong romances replaced by bots that give us momentary pleasure. We were needed to adapt to dating multiple people and wondering why bother making it work with anyone at all?

The universe is angry. It won’t tolerate this madness just like many who have silenced their pleas for help. They may continue to exist with hatred and spread it around or worse with indifference. Will it cover us all in the darkness of our own.

We still think of a bright future and we do not even know what that is. We may want to have children because it has been told, but we don’t know what to provide them tomorrow. We want a warm cozy bed, a good friend and a long hug but we rather slide our fingers on our phones and wonder about someone who does not matter.

We got so caught up building a future we forgot our present. We were so afraid to die, we forgot to live. We kept comparing with whoever we wanted all the while being totally unique just like each one of us. We fear the unique. We fear what we don’t know. We don’t want to get to know. We want to pack it up in a box and label it for easy reference. Then we add some hate and judgment. And while pointing fingers we mock at our own weaknesses.

We don’t create anymore. We copy and paste. Nothing is original. Because there is no love. There is no muse. There is no yearning. There is a screen and it changes quickly for us to register anything.

Our wallpapers are green and our earth is barren. We want everything. And yet when a phone rings we screen it. We play our games. We wait and disgust the communication. But we are quick to find someone new to say hey. Sometimes just a hey back and it feels like accomplishment so we move to the next. We have no idea what we are doing and why; yet we continue to do it. We scroll and we scroll like we were hired full time to do it for someone. We may feed off our feeds to ignore the food on our plate and gobble at information instead.

We feel educated yet our hearts are not kind and our words not soft. We do not wish to share. We feel entitled to live this life with what we have – our name, our identity. Our reputation is more important than our action. Stating our values more necessary that using them when the tide is tough.

How far will we go? How much will we fool ourselves? Who are we pretending to be? Who wins?

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