Baarish is a beautiful word for pouring rain. The most romantic weather Mumbai can ever have.

The beauty of the Mumbai monsoons is what it does to the rain lovers. It does something from within. There are those who passionately sit by their windows feeling the droplets with one hand while holding a steaming mug of chai in the other smiling away like the best romance of their lives was unfolding in front of their eyes.

Its the best time to introspect. As we watch the rains lash and fall in rhythm so do some of our memories. It is no wonder man’s eternal marriage is to his past. How intoxicating it is to reminisce, to wonder what could have been. To try and feel that moment again and again. The perfection touches in the least expected moments and leaves us in awe for a long time to come.

Reliving moments, soaking in the feels and getting grazed in the present by the breeze is such a treat. Words fall short.

There is a separate playlist curated for this weather. Music that enhances all that baarish does to you. There are some beautiful hindi film songs, don’t even tell me to start on regional songs like Tamil, Malayalam that could take you to heaven and back in this weather. Some classical ragas are just meant for the monsoons and it is a therapy of a different level.

Sensuality and rains have been inseparable. It does bring up latent desires to the surface and drenches them completely. How sweet that helplessness is.

Getting wet in rains is a bucket list check every year for some romantic souls. It not only drenches your soul but cleanses it for all you may have accumulated. Rains give leeway to new life, new romances and a new you to bloom. That is the month of July is bookmarked for either being at home or being somewhere out of the city where you can experience this hibernation and rejuvenation.

I believe it is this season that still keeps this city sane. The rush of surviving here, the fast life and hardly any moments to catch your breath are so tough to keep going on. This season takes care of a lot of things. It is also insists that you take care of your own self.

Come. Lets drench our soul.

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