Dear Zindagi

I saw this movie pretty late and I guess it followed a friend’s ardent suggestion and shaming me for not watching it earlier.

I was pleasantly blown by the movie. Its not exceptional. Its one of those movies that you will keep going back to from time to time. The feeling of home, comfort, security and feel good. There are others in my list – Love Aaj Kal, Its Complicated, Julie N Julia, Life in a metro. Some movies are timeless and transcend beyond just being a film.

I knew if its Gauri Shinde, the film would have the soul that most commercial Hindi movies lack today. But what a journey and I am so thankful for the majority of the story being shot in Goa.

In my life, I have also witnessed this personally. Goa has an appeal for the beer drinking, party hopping but it has a deep distinct appeal for the one seeking something beyond. There is a quietness, greenery, a yellowish hue in the horizon and the red soil that brings many home. When I look back, I don’t remember spending moments with my friends, or anyone else I traveled with… I remember being lost in thought on my own. In the balcony of MTDC resort near Calangute eyes skewed beyond the horizon… listening to the waves for hours. Sneaking out of the room late at night and sitting by the pool enjoying the silence around. Stopping the car on the national highway to just get a feel of all those places you see and promise you will stop one day. Riding alone to some place on your own without any reason. Sunsets.. ohh… sunsets. And walking on the cold, white sands alone away from the shacks lit by candles and getting drawn to the lashing white waves against the backdrop of a black dimly star lit sky.

I describe these moments as these are the moments are where one builds a deeper relationship with one self and also with nature. Goa encompasses it altogether – sand, sea, mountains, plains, trees, forests.

After 2 days of eating prawns curry and rice and the indulgence in beer and laughter, what takes over is the need to be quiet and wake up early in morning and go for walks. The waves never leave you alone. The breezy clothes and the carefreeness of the spirit are your best high. There is one thing I have not yet done in Goa. I have not written. I want to write somewhere with a view.

Coming back to the movie, I love the marriage of abandoning the madness of a city life, Goa and therapy. It could not have been more apt. Though it is fairly a life the upper middle class might be having but it gives hopes to all those who wonder and plan about their next Goa trip.

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