Existential crisis. We are in the middle of a heightened existential crisis. And it is not going anywhere. With the new life that started 5 months ago, one thing was clear. The mental health was going to go through a massive adaptation. Even if it did not sink in that time, it became increasingly challenging to make sense of the self, our purpose, what to hold on and what to let go.

As we still battle these chaotic thoughts and days, the need for hope and positivity looms large around us.

This is what I love about innocence. A thought that originates in our empathetic state of mind is so pure with intention; even when we would have no idea how will we ever make that idea into something of value for anyone or as many.

I also realized relationship fatigue will seep in without us realizing it. It will be tough to stay with someone constantly at home. It will also be draining to sustain relationships with the distance and loss of touch. Work will be daunting or one may not have a job all of sudden. Every scenario is only worse than the other. I had no idea what was the source of strength in such dire circumstances. So I took the baby steps to get beyond the fears of perfection and put some hope out there.

As imperfect as some of the execution went, it took courage to push things out. Gladly no one noticed the imperfections but the thoughts behind the content.

In June I enrolled myself in the Spotify Kommune contest to register a podcast on Anchor and send the ideas for getting shortlisted for production and promotion. I didn’t get selected for the top slots of sponsorship but my podcast idea was listed in the Top 50 podcast ideas for Spotify Kommune. Nothing seemed to stop me though. Before the results came out, I had already rolled out a few episodes and had started enjoying the process of recording audio around relationship issues. I was getting calls from friends everyday about the ups and downs in their love life. I covered a few of these issues in the beginning of the podcast and the response was great. This is also the year I enrolled a client for back to back to sessions in counselling. Great start to the intention.

Slowly as I researched I found mental health, relationships and sex far more connected to each other. It was then important to work on something that would help make these areas of our life more accessible and easier to work with in our social ecosystem. And thus I realized where all problems began for these 3 pillars of our identity to shake and trouble you – labels. The judgments and the way we are raised, our value system, family background, our experiences and perceiving judgment has shaped our ideas about our self.

These do not belong to you. When you do the work to identify whether your motivation, thought or action is originally your own or passed down to you by conditioning is the beginning of your life changing towards the better. There was no doubt that this would become the crux of what I do. Hence Unlabel.

Unlabel – The Series is a podcast available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Listen Notes, Overcast.

As we enter the next phase in our podcasts, we would be having a Certified Psychologist helping through issues in personal life as well as relationships.

We want to help as many people as we can. So help spread the word. Send in your concerns to unlabeltheproject@gmail.com

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