Want to be wanted

There is a battle between me and my need of attention.

I want to win this one. I don’t want what I want. I want to overcome this need.

That makes me bleed

Chasing and working for something Unseen

I surrender at first and yearn for it

I complain and confess

My need to be addressed

As a lovely human being

In need of being held

Which I then dread

As it goes farther away from me

I face another wrath

Of my own

For wanting something

I cannot control

Attention takes over without my asking

As I work towards a desire to not be desired

I run and hide and I still seek it

I wonder how this game is designed

No matter what I do, it wins

Even if I disappear or hide behind a face

Some soul will see right through with grace

I crave that soul

And here it is again

Attention succeeds

The yearn for a touch

That validates me

Caresses me

Gives me hope

Let it stop here

Before it becomes my dope

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