Get the Fuck out of town

This is a narrative post about where I am in life, who I am and what I am doing. Follow @sne631 on Insta, FB for picturesque narratives about life through travel, food, introspection.

This is something that my mother wants to know and this content will indeed give her peace or worry.

I traveled in February the next day of my birthday. I had planned this trip well since December. Not that I was aware of my dates but I knew I deserved to be out of town for this birthday. Incidentally, the job I took up in December; that is after ignoring all the warning red signals of a fucked up working place. I literally walked in and said I cannot do this anymore. I cannot fool myself anymore. I was right. Spent my birthday with my parents. Thanked them for everything.

Next morning, I was in a train to Goa. From there started a solo trip where slowly and surely I felt the pain in my neck releasing bit by bit, my smile becoming brighter and brighter.

A lot changed in the next few days, I remembered who I was. How boisterous and crazy I was and how I can go and get life and chase happiness. And that is all that matters. From here on, the only thing that made sense was what and how to keep this life going. The chase to show you are happy feels a lot heavier than actually being happy. Because it should be light and it should be you. And no one else.

Goa: the perfect mix of clean breezy air, mountains, greenery and crystal green waters

It takes a long many years to learn your own truth. But once you do it is tough to not live it.

I think everything that happens to a person is a way to show him his real truth. And we wonder why is this happening to me. The real thing is it is happening for you. And once you know that it is tough to escape that.

Living an authentic life, authentic to you in whatever way is the freedom from everything. You won’t have the unnecessary anxiety, you won’t be depressed, you won’t be in that pain of existence that we feel. Fear will still be there, uncertainty will still be there but it will never make you feel completely out of control.

Nature has a way of finding our soul. We are fast going away from nature and our primal instincts towards the instant world of gadgets, tech and artificial intel. At the end of the day, our souls crave for connection and that connection is going weaker and weaker.

Tech ironically enables us an opportunity today to be near nature.

A trip works better than therapy. And what you learn about you an the world.

We all have a curiosity inside of us that takes us to places we are supposed to go. We doubt our own feelings, deny them, fight with them. Pride our selves for not letting it flow. And then we wonder just why we suffer so much.

Follow this series to learn more about journeys unbeaten.


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