6 – The magic of everyday

I have got a grip on the life of a nomad. From running away a multiple times to changing homes every 2 years atleast and exploring new places and being in a constant change, I have decided that the only challenge worth having is to do something consistently every day. There! My hair is rising on the back of the neck. Everyday. Same time. One thing. WOW!

Promises to keep..

Too often what is glorified is the resistance to change and how to embrace it. You should know there are some people like me who are too used to nothing in their life being settled or same for days together. They find change deeply similar and consistent routine freaky.

Now when one decides to live the challenge or push one self towards adventure – routine is definitely one for me.

So as I travelled to my heart’s content and explored life to its fullest, I am taking a challenge – to write a blog post everyday starting today that April 6, 2021 to May 6, 2021.

Here is what motivates me to take up this challenge –

  1. I want to embrace routine into my life for me
  2. I want to be fit
  3. I want to be okay that I can’t move for a few months (covid, lockdown, monsoons)
  4. If you want to get used to journaling, have self assigned projects
  5. Posting about it means you are holding yourself accountable
  6. Writing is therapy for me

The magic of everyday also works out if you wake up early. Why? Because the world is quiet still. It gives you a headspace to think for yourself and what you want to do making it amazingly aligned to the actions you want to take.

Inshort, if I could give a million dollar advice- waking up early works out every area of your life you wanted control over. Are you sold? Yes.

When you aim for the morning, the preparation begins at night. So early dinner, light food, early sleeping and putting away your devices is of absolute importance.

So Sneha, at Unlabelit is on a quest and what is going to be most interesting is to curate content every single day.

Stay tuned and enjoy the process.

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