Day 1 – I feel like I achieved nothing!

Perfect way to start writing. Here will come all of my humility or inability to see my worth through impostor syndrome to start the Everyday Project. I am sure all of us go through the same things everyday – doubts, fears, could haves, should haves, would haves and all of the movies that keep playing in our head. They either reinforce our beliefs or challenge us to new pursuits. Sometimes I also feel a kick in the ass is really a necessity to get certain things done in life.

We hate change. Obviously we just settled on our couch and we have to energize our lower back muscles to lift this body – hell no! Why did we start settling is the thought with which I woke up today. Settle, retire, comfortable, convenient, conforming – has anyone ever stopped to think how negative and regressive these words are. And yet most of us follow the generational patterns, listen to others more than what feels right for us and keep doing the same old shit till we feel dead while living.

I am at that stage where I cannot conform neither do I have my own ground firm… so basically I am floating. It is in this clueless, transformative stage that most of us give up and remain in a limbo. This project every day is exactly about that. How to be equanimous and centered in times of a shitstorm all around you. The day is going to pass anyway, time will go on, you will eat twice or thrice in a day, you will watch news about who died and how many more got covid infected, and you will sleep thinking how negative the whole world is and is there any hope? It is here, right here in the midst of this uncertain, dark times where ambulance sirens are more frequent than ever that you must decide like a Muhammad Ali or Dwayne Johnson – to keep pushing and pushing and pushing. And no one else is going to do it for you.

In the early stages of blooming, the last crack of the egg, the cocoon breaking for a caterpillar and the terminal velocity of a rocket leaving the atmosphere takes the hardest effort to lift and stay alive; and that is what we are all doing.

It is not a time to worry or let doubt rule, it is a time for a self awareness breakthrough. When years have passed and a looming disaster starts to fade from our memories we always celebrate the ones who took all the shit that came their way and made gold out of it.

Every war, every economic disaster, every calamity gives rise to the changemakers. They don’t themselves see what is going to happen but they keep pushing. You are not supposed to quit.

Push harder. Take care of today. That’s it.

For a day, I did achieve something. See you tomorrow.

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