As a Friday, lets keep it light.

“It was a Thursday evening. I dressed myself to a combination of khaki brown pants with a black singlet with a light crochet type of jacket whose name I can’t remember as of now. I felt on top of the world. I was happy with myself and I looked good in my pictures. And then my friend made me meet him. She was having a meeting and he was one of the people to join. I excused myself when he arrived because hello, except for the friend of mine I had no interest in showing my colorful personality to any stranger. I left. I had to wait for her meeting to get over and we were supposed to sit and plan something. Now I waited alone in a coffee shop next door and eventually my friend called me to join here.

I joined this table of my friend and two guys. One of them was one of those flamboyant, loud creature who speaks about his life like its a the best fairy tale ever. He started telling a story of how he met his wife, how he decided to settle down, and how he changed his ways for the sake of marriage and a child and how it all worked out for me.

As we all felt he Awww of the moment, this guy – he had a name like a south indian god or more like a small shop of bhajiya, asked me to met him the next day as I was looking for a place to stay. I was like sure.

The next day I met him at his place and his room mate was around. He made some good tea for me and I was like hmmm..

As we spoke for hardly a min or two, he came way close in my personal space and asked ‘why don’t you move in here? I We can make a home. I will cook for you. Let’s live together. I think this will work out well for you and me.’

Thankfully the tea was finished and I excused myself to leave. But before this he forcefully hugged me, assessed me physically, commented on my height and said you are perfect for me.

This behavior left me stunned totally. I was so affected by this window broken in shopping done on me in a matter of minutes. No wonder as I called my friend and asked her to meet urgently to discuss this weirdity I met with an accident on my bike (thanks to the raging thoughts and weird feelings racing through my head) and peeled skin on my ankle.

I met my friend and had to tell her about this. I did not know what to think, what is right, what is wrong. What the hell?

I told him clearly in my meeting with him that I have feelings for someone and that I am not looking for any relationship or engagement. This guy was in no mood for hearing or listening. He was in his own agenda. He had figured out some equation that fit and he was not concerned with the fact that there is another human being involved and what it wants and what is the consent.

This was end of Day 1.

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