5 – Day 2 of Two fine days

As I wrote Day 1 of that story two days ago, I intended to write something light hearted but its clearly what most men/women go through from other men/women. It opened up to me that it was abuse at first sight. And what I hate is why was I so numb to not numb his nuts.

The story continues..

Phone calls continued, from morning till night plans of how we will live our lives, how we will manage our house and careers popped up, I just continued to listen – I was like lets see how far this goes – hence the title Two Fine Days.

He sent me a screenshot of what comes on his screen when I call him, a custom picture of me with a custom name he had given me. I keep telling him about my feelings and me not being ready or even wanting this but this Tamilian Cinematographer is not in a mood to take anything away from his illusion. He is desperate to match his fantasy to the reality to the point of abusing another person. He is probably so alone and hoping to find someone sent by the universe because he asked that he is blind to his ambition.

When I heard the universe, the manifestation, the book, he getting influenced from that other guy’s romantic story.. I knew this one was headed towards impending doom. I had to see it and probably lift that veil. I also had a bit of compassion because I knew where he was coming from. The loneliness and pain of not finding someone for yourself was something I was going through myself but with someone to involved in his own mess. Hence I knew this cycle.

There was a clear way to try this proposition out… I mean this guy offered to cook food for me and serve me. I had to see what was really being on offer. So I said.. No physical connection whatsoever, lets see if this works out. No touch whatsoever.


The greatest test for a desperado like this always had to be this way. It became a test but honestly no interest I had towards this broken soul.

Now lets see what happens the second and last time I met him.

‘With the speed at which this moron was planning things it was just a matter of time when I knew I will have a talk face to face because that is when I could lift this thick veil.

This guy had an agenda. He wanted to look cool to his family and friends and by Diwali he wanted to post on Instagram that he had found a mate. I was the bait. Now how to lure me? Diwali shopping, he said I will buy a saree, you wear the saree and lets decorate home and take a Diwali picture. As long as being alone on Diwali feeling worse I understood. But the dude wanted to announce to the world he had tamed a beast like me. Yes ofcourse I am.

Now the shopping happened, we ate food where I was forcefully fed food in my mouth without warning – a gesture where I could kill someone literally. My hand was also grabbed and pulled weirdly hard for wanting to show me another way to walk towards. MY determination was completely in place now. I was going to kill this man’s ego and rupture him for life.

We sat somewhere where we could finally talk. And I started asking questions-

  1. What do you want to do in your life? What are your goals?
    I hope to become a top cinematographer. It is why I came to Mumbai.
  2. How do you plan to achieve it if you intend to cook food for me?

Oh yes, I don’t think I have time as well. (gone in thinking mode)

3. You are doing everything for me because you are expecting something in return. I have already said a few times how it may never happen.

Now I take out my ultimate weapons, that I was married, I got divorced. I am not going to get married and I never want to have children.

That’s it this truth rumbles the ground under his feet. He cannot drive the car anymore and risks both of our lives. Now the time had come. I took the driver’s seat figuratively and literally and told him to calm the fuck down and think about what he was doing.

I drop him and he tried to forcefully kiss me. The fangs come out and I snap. And it is enough in the moment.

A day later, this mother fucker has changed his tone and asks to give his saree back and split any money spent.

I square it off. And he keeps messaging for the saree.

On Diwali day, I meet a lovely eunuch at a signal and I gift him a brand new packed saree. And she is so happy.

The last time this mf messaged me, I bring out my real colors. I tell him hat you have done is abuse, molestation, promise of something for getting into bed and I will go straight to a police station and file a complaint and throw him out of the city, out of his new home with the label of an abuser.

That’s the way it worked.”

We do get desperate from time to time. We do yearn to have someone. To be loved by someone. And in the quest to have someone we will have hits and misses but never are you supposed to overlook consent. That is a crime.

This story became a funny story in my friends, I told everyone including the people who introduced me to him about what a man can do.

Honestly it is not funny. Hence its being written here.

Have a good day.

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