7 – Writer’s block

Damn I am hit. I didn’t realize how time went by yesterday. I did start writing for yesterday but it was a sad, dull topic to write about and I abandoned it because it just did not felt right. One down, many to go.

There is a one very critical learning here. Though there is a failure of sorts, the true failure would be to give up this exercise. And for me this is a very very big roadblock to cross.

and 2 days went by..

The Corona situation is getting quite serious. Attention was spaced out everywhere. Also I was on a decision.

It all made me very sleepy. That is like extreme form of stress result. I slept like a baby in the afternoon. I was done with too much thinking. Finally I could take a call. Now I am hoping I can continue with project everyday. I posted the post where I first got stuck. And this is for yesterday. Getting back on track is under rated human perseverance skill.

What to do when writer’s block hits –

  1. Take a break.
  2. Sleep
  3. Read a book
  4. Cook something
  5. Stop watching news
  6. Lift weights
  7. Then stretch
  8. Ask what is this phase trying to teach you

The self introspection releases the block.

Sweet and simple.

Good bye for now.

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