8 – Tough times AHead

They say that when the passion burns less, discipline will pull you through. I feel this everyday. The Coronavirus situation in India has become extremely grim in a matter of days. There is a consistent background music of ambulances racing around. The deaths, the hospital beds, vaccines and medicines shortage – everything seems planned to the T to see the mayhem and panic of the simple man who wanted to work hard and feed his family. Sorry this is clearly NOT natural a disaster.

The government does not want to see its citizen settled and eased out. News channels seem to be given only one direction – Create panic. More panic.

Its been difficult to sustain my attention on making content, writing blogs and wondering about other things while this was what was happening all around.

Life must go on though. As friends looking for comfort started calling, asking for soothing sound tracks from the 90s I realized there is no time to stay mum, stay back. It is time to push for hope, positivity and a chuckle because God knows we need it.

I miss traveling. It has become that soul mate perfect for you. After you try everything and find something you can be happy with and settle down with. I miss Goa.

Anyways, the thought to write everyday persists but some days the mind is just too numb and it is not easy to figure out what am I feeling and where are my thoughts at. The need to control just seems beyond exhausting.

I push myself to keep at this project and even fitness so there is something to look forward to. And trust me, fitness and moving and weights help me tremendously. It is the most liberating thing to happen to me.

I don’t know how people are coping with these times. Cannot even imaging what everyone is going through. I just hope at the end of the day we can be kind and someone feels a bit at ease and a little more wanted.

I miss Goa. 😦

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