9 – Where does the child go

Another blog motivated by screams and yelling that never seems to stop

It is practical for everyone to wonder why nothing is done so far about a member of your family threatening your existence. Imagine being a child used to this ever since you remember.. does it now feel out of place? This same family member gaslights you when you try to raise an alarm. Your feelings and your existence are not validated as it is supposed to be. Now you are always fighting 2 battles way into adulthood. First one is with yourself, invalidating what you feel just like your mother did. You don’t even have any awareness to fight outside. Imagine being in an interview where a shrewd man is doing the same to you overpowering you regardless of your consent and you can’t think anymore because when were your feelings validated. You take it and blame yourself.

You see the pattern I am trying to show you. Most of your fears come from your childhood where quite a few things went wrong and were not corrected in time or were plain toxic for you to recover from. Over time the mild scar becomes a Mariana Trench in your heart and now imagine having to heal it. How deep you will need to go?

That is my question today – Where does this wounded, innocent child go?

It is not given love, encouragement or encouraged to share what he feels. He is put down, played with, gaslighted with, to such an extent he can’t trust those who were supposed to be his safe place. Where does it go? What he thinks hereon in life?

I am not important. I am not good enough. I need to try harder. I need not depend. Everyone abandons me.

How many of these thoughts resonated with your insecurities? Deep inside these thoughts rule our life. Till we have our own children hoping doing all this will somewhere solve us and fulfil us and we repeat the same thing.


The question remains.

How long will we do this? Live unquestioned lives and keep doing what the society tells you to. Where will the innocence go? There is no place to hide. No place to feel safe. Eventually some succumb, some attack everything as a threat. Its like an animal, we blame it for everything.

We need to stop the madness.

The child needs a safe place. The child needs to be heard. Within all of us, we need that child to feel safe.

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