10 – The Moody writer

It is official, we have fallen off the bandwagon of the everyday project. Its sad. But the time right now is very intense. India is going through a second wave of coronavirus and it is so bad. There is death around. Fear around. And some days it get so heavy that everything seems meaningless.

I was logged in everyday to my editor. I have spilled out words but I just could not keep looking at the screen. I am stuck on a post regarding Eminem’s Cleaning out my closet. It was intense, dark and deep and it did not make sense to dive into darkness when you were trying to escape this around.

Unlabel some days seems like a dark, wide web that I am trying to secure so that I can play around in it and go as far as I can. Niching has always been a super challenge for me. Turns out claustrophobia won’t leave me here as well.

One of the hardest lessons I learnt and continue to understand is something I still need to work on is having a niche. What do multitalented people do but if they just cannot fit themselves to be known for one thing. Why just one?

The complexity of being a human in todays time is hard enough that you have to build a personal brand and worry about what you stand for. It exhausts me.

I feel this race just gets harder and harder and wants me to give up. When will it all come together? How much more effort is there to be unleashed?

At a time when people are dying from work pressure, stress, fear of dying from corona, sitting in uncertainty of whether they will get to see their loved ones – does success still continue to mean the same to everyone.

The numbers on my posts, the followers, my personal brand, is it making revenue, I don’t think life is going to be the same atleast for me. It has already taken shape of questions like Do we need this? Its just too much.

Sustainablity, first of my mind, my body and then belonging to the shit of this world is an order straight from nature.

Its time to be you and shine because someone somewhere is deeply fed up with our pretences.

I write this in the light of two advertising young professionals who lost their lives cause of the tremendous pressure of working in the advertising world. Was it worth it? NO.

I wish we ease out. We deserve to relax. We deserve to slack. To be and feel human. To be vulnerable and cry.

Because its nature. And the nature of things.

Moody writer.. ‘Whats in a number?’ is the question of this time.

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