The digital fuckboy

Every woman/man know this.

Someone very impressive with their English vocabulary and usage of words slides in your dms very harmlessly.

It feels nice instead of the Hi Cutie shit that most try with.

and then they ask you out of the blue – On a scale of 1 to 10 how submissive are you.

Watch how he talks like getting a girl to get his attention and worshipping his dick is a privilege.

The Audacity!

In a world of skewed up sex ratios, what makes men feel like they need to advertise and sell themselves and make the girl feel like its her privilege to be chosen by him.

Why does everything a woman does or does not do threaten males everywhere? That’s a separate book.

The digital fuckboy is someone who comes into your inbox or DMs and if you start chatting with him, he cannot wait to take the conversation into the sexual territory. It is not even a decent sexual territory – it starts with On a scale of 1 to 10 how submissive are you?

The deeper issue at hand is – what makes these guys slide, aggressively and instantly want a sexual gratification through chat without telling their full name and ghost you. If any of the research at Unlabel says, porn addiction has severe impact on the addicts. They cannot relate to reality anymore.

A porn addict definitely isn’t going to get turned on by the real world of intimacy and touch. He can only get the dopamine centers in his brain fired up when he sees that level of novelty in harassing someone. You see porn is not healthy.

These addicts then troll dating apps, Instagram and try to use all of their remaining brains and senses to woo women online. If I show you the detailed chats its clear he doesn’t like to hear NO, he puts you down for being a prude. He says you being oversmart is a turn off and you are boring. They just want an instant willing woman who immediately will fall at their feet and go ‘Dominate me, I deserve to be punished.’ This is sick and it is harming our girls, women and everyone in trusting anyone.

BDSM is based on strict rules of consent. A guy has half baked knowledge about this when he does not care asking for mutual consent and trust building before the play of dominance and submission starts. Do not fall for these mother fuckers who come and shame you for not doing and being the way he wants you to be.

We should stop this. Speak up, leak those chats and contact the Cyber Crime Cell.

No fuckboy will ever think the internet is anonymous and can get away with it. Because we all forget on the internet, privacy is a big MYTH.

Take care

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