Sometimes it’s we who are toxic

While we scroll away, sometimes taking into too much of those quotes. We all have those days. Where repeat quotes of a kind convince us that our guy is indeed cheating on us or that nothing that happened is our fault and that we should cut out toxic people from our life. It is indeed binge worthy and all consuming what power words have over an unchecked mind.

If everyone around you is turning toxic, you need to really introspect, chances are you are the toxic one.

It happens from time to time and we all go through this. But the day you feel you just know everything about yourself and the world and boast of the confidence that you are aware and moving through life splendidly is when its going to pass by without your notice. Only with a few fights with your closed ones and you finally listening to someone is what will make you question. And What the hell!

Ask why it hurts. You will get your answer.

I don’t think I will ever again look at pain and discomfort as anything negative and something to quickly get over with. They are the greatest teachers of our life. Pain and discomfort move us in the direction of what we seek. I prayed for success and financial stability for years and every time I came close to it, I would panic and want to hide. I would stop myself and never go ahead. I refused to look at this resistance for years. I was not even comfortable to ever tell people close to me what am I good at. Because I just didn’t believe I was good at anything. Success then will obviously be way faraway.

Healing is messy. It’s extremely vulnerable and leaves us bare in the places we are so afraid to visit. It’s not easy. It breaks your entire system. But with this confrontation and acceptance comes the sweet release of the answers that you were looking for. Your deep rooted beliefs, the voices of your parents calling you a good for nothing, how you chose to continue to believe you are good for nothing and how it keeps you or rather You hold back your very success. It’s a tough place to visit. Pain is what takes us there. For there is your release. Don’t ever run away from that pain.

Suffering is indeed optional. It’s what we cause ourselves for not wanting to deal with pain. Drinking too much and causing your health to fall apart is suffering because you are running away from the legitimate pain that is needed for you to grow.

May we find a way out of our mental prisons. Trust me whoever in your life you think is hurting you; it’s not them. It’s you!

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